Thursday, 23 August 2012

Shorty with Flats

I'm short.  I like to say I'm of average height...being only 5'0 feet or maybe 5'1...ok maybe not average.  Yes, I'm on the shorter side.  I've always been told that by my mom that I need to always wear heels - to elongate my legs, which I completely agree with; however, I love wearing flats, especially my new Givency Zip-Detailed Ballet Flats.

Givency Fall 2012 collection

This first caught my eye because of the detailed zipper line and the bit of heel that it has. 
It's an absolute beauty, isn't it? 

It also comes in a nude or even a leopard print, but I chose black because you can't go wrong with black.  Check it out here


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bottom's UP!

In Japan you can find false lashes everywhere!!! even at convenience stores; now that's what you call convenient!

Recently in North America, false lashes have become just as popular as it is in Japan (or Asia). Therefore you find a plethora of false lashes from almost every cosmetic brand you can think of! 

It's wonderful!

BUT what America hasn't quite adopted are BOTTOM false lashes.
unlike upper lashes the bottom ones must look incredibly natural and fit perfectly with your eye shape or - truth be told, they look incredibly odd.

I think you can actually purchase bottom false lashes at Daiso but since the quality is not very good, they look straight up pretty awful. 

I think even in North America the False Lash brand called DOLLY WINK has become popular.....Well, they are unique because their lashes have a clear band with the hairs spread apart so it blends in with your own lashes, giving you a very natural volume! 

SO I got a pair and boy did it surprise me!!! Here are some pictures of what I purchased.

Here is what it looks like!!

top and bottom lashes from DOLLY WINK!

What kind of false lash brand do you like?

Monday, 20 August 2012

wine divine!

It seems like forever that Vancouver has had this streak of BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL WEATHER!
What better to celebrate then a glass of wine on the patio! Here is my outfit of the day! #OOTD

Sunnies : Gucci
Top: Japan
Jeans: Zara

What's your fav. way to celebrate a fine sunny afternoon?

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Jungle Fever

I went into Zara the other day and bought a shirt mainly because it reminded me of my dog, Coco.  It is a lion with a funky nerdy glasses as the center design.  What better way to pair up a lion then with zebra prints and a jungle green jacket!   Here's my OOTD!

{Jacket} Zara
{Short} BCBG
{Accessories} Fallon Earrings
{Shoes} YSL Gisele Low-heels (nude)


Friday, 10 August 2012

the new age puff dress!

I am sorry for my late post, I am actually super sick! How I caught the cold during the summer I do not know.

Anyway this post is inspired from a dream I had last night, about MY PROM DRESS, I had those crazy princess dresses, the crazy layers of endless puffs..... UGHHHH.....

If it were now I'd definitely pick something more subtle and less puffy......BUT it must have some traditional prom dress traits so................

................I'd pick a more tasteful kind of puff dress, like this one I bought in Zara Japan! According to Zara, the puff is called  a mini-frill. I think I like how that sounds than a 'puff'.

I can't wait to wear this out when I get over my cold!

If you could, what would you replace your prom dress with?

Thursday, 9 August 2012

day and night

I love outfits that can go from day and night...effortlessly.  Maxi dresses are simply one of those clothing.  

Club monaco - open back maxi dress
Christian Louboutin - Simple Pump 85 Patent Calp (nude)

I bought this maxi dress from Club Monaco last summer and I've been wearing it through all the seasons! In the fall, spring, summer when the weather is a little colder, I pair it with a simple cardigan or short sweater to keep me warm - also a perfect day or night look (depending on the occasion) 

For my look, I added a blue top for the day look and for the night look, simply took off the top and of course with my Louboutin's! (in love the nude simple pumps) 

Easy isn't it? 


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

zip me upppp!

My friend and I were on a search for some new pair of pants and I noticed a certain trend coming back.
I wouldn't call it a throwback just yet but it has popped up on the trend radar periodically. 


I saw it on quite a few manikins while I was walking around down town Vancouver's shopping district. 
The picture below are some from ZARA

Detailing in denim, like on any other clothing garment creates edge to an outfit. When it comes to denim jeans whether that be studs, rips, a certain wash or ZIPPERS, it lets the eyes follow them instead of certain insecurities you may have toward how the jeans are fitting your body! 

Jeans are like the trickiest buy, the chances of you finding a pair of jeans that hugs your hips, bum and thighs perfectly ALL at once are pretty slim to many people out there. At least I'm one of those people, so I am all about different detailing! 

I am currently hooked on Zara jeans, this would be my 3rd pair. I think they are the most flattering on my big thighed legs. I can't wait to wear them out! 

To bring out the zipper I paired the jeans with my luxury rebel pumps! 

What's brand of jeans fits your body like a glove???

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